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The world is going digital, and so are the payments we make. As the crypto space is skyrocketing, our team captures the trend and initiates steps to launch products to keep our thumb on the pulse of the industry. 

Some of the early adopters of digital currencies touted that cryptocurrencies would be the beginning of the shift of traditional finance to a completely decentralized one. And now, over some time, financial institutions are striving to provide crypto services to their customers using conventional financial products.

So with such transformation, one of the crypto services that is gaining momentum is “crypto-friendly cards.” 

Yes, you guys read it right! 

Of all the big things that are happening in the digital space, crypto cards are gaining more traction and are changing the whole financial game. 

Before we deep dive into the topic, let us share with you an insight into what crypto cards are all about. 

What are crypto cards? 

A crypto card uses an incentive-style payment that provides cryptos as a reward and as well as stores them. It works similar to the traditional debit or credit cards; also, these cards are supported by the world’s largest payment processing networks like Visa and Mastercard. 

Apart from the crypto enthusiasts, this spectacular innovation will help people who want to try out crypto services but cannot join the crypto bandwagon. 

Additionally, since the value of cryptos continues to grow, the rewards are tempting people to fall for it. 

Now let us throw you some of the benefits of crypto-backed debit & credit cards. 

Few benefits of using crypto-friendly cards from N2 

1. A gateway for crypto to the real world:

In the early 2010s, accessing cryptocurrencies was extremely challenging for people,

but now the situation is much different. Crypto-backed cards fill the void between crypto and the real world.

Crypto-friendly cards drastically enhance the dynamic of limited access to cryptocurrency investments and increase the versatility of using them in the process.

2. Global access to spend funds: 

Currently, in some countries, crypto cards are available to swipe anywhere, similar to the traditional debit or credit cards. 

Global access to crypto cards enables you to seamlessly shift between crypto investments and fiat currencies if you want to pay bills or other expenses.

This also allows users to carry their investments on the go. 

3. Modernized way to manage assets: 

Mobile banking is one of the modern phenomena, and when it allows you to have seamless access to crypto investments, then it only becomes more enticing. 

Allowing people to use crypto assets through cards is an alluring process to the primary demographic of users. 

And that’s exactly the reason why crypto cards are becoming more popular. 

Finally, to sum up, Crypto-friendly cards may still be in their initial stages, but for sure, in the coming future, people cannot afford to lose such opportunities. 

We, people at N2, aim to fill the space of traditional finance with crypto.

Onwards and Upwards, 

Team N2 Coin. 

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