How and why banks should commercialize crypto services?

N2 Platform

In recent years, many entrepreneurs and individuals are migrating towards crypto services because they provide high profits when compared to other asset investments. 

Since the number of crypto believers is positively increasing, many major investment banks are embracing crypto services for their clients. Also, many corporates and retail banks are furiously exploring how they can take the benefit of cryptocurrencies. 

What causes crypto users to rise? 

Economic factors, technology, and regulator intervention are the three prime components that cryptocurrencies should undergo before they see a boom.

The crypto users are steadily increasing because of the underlying blockchain technology. 

The demand for the coin also increases the user base. Simply put, the greater the value, the higher the demand and so the users. Unlike other currencies, cryptos can be easily and quickly moved between users.

If the coin is being pushed to market, many crypto enthusiasts like investors and users start investing in it. So eventually, that will make them stardom and have more staying power.

Indeed, the community behind a cryptocurrency will have impacts on its acceptance and growth. 

Why should banks take cryptocurrencies and blockchain seriously?

Since the global economy is inevitably moving towards digital infrastructure, everything can be paperless, starting from investing to money transfer. 

Blockchain technology was essentially built to create an infrastructure that allows users to make crypto transactions between peers in a particular network without the interference of a third party.  

It is a fully decentralized system. Some features like transparency, traceability of data, and fast transactions increase the popularity of this technology and cryptocurrency alike. 

Blockchain in banking sectors enables various use cases such as payments, trade finance, money transfer, post-trade services, and much more. 

When blockchain technology is integrated with banks, it removes many inefficiencies that hinder the financial system and drastically reduces costs.

How can banks adopt crypto services? 

Banks can adopt crypto services by partnering with N2 COIN. 

N2 coin is a versatile coin that is associated with the N2 Platform.

N2 Platform is a decentralized global financial ecosystem that aids banks to improve their existing process to a higher level without disrupting the actual system. 

Spectacular features offered by N2 for banks:  

The main objective of the N2 ecosystem is to offer banking and crypto-based services under one Platform. N2 provides a wide range of crypto services to banks so that their customers can make use of both banking and crypto-based services at their convenience. 

Global master wallet: 

The global master wallet is embedded with advanced features such as multi-factor authentication, instant fund transfer, coin swapping, and more. The wallet allows users to store both fiat and cryptocurrencies. 


N2 offers an online ICO hosting platform where entrepreneurs can put forward their ICO projects to a global pool of investors. With this large investor pool, they can showcase their projects worldwide and raise more funds.

Crypto Loans & Credit Tracking:

N2 enables traders and crypto users with financial aids by providing easy means to avail loans from banks associated with the platform. Users can use their cryptocurrencies as collateral. User credit scores are stored on the blockchain, and smart contracts are used to examine the scores and grant approvals. 

Trade Finance:

The N2 Platform offers an integrated exchange platform that facilitates stock and crypto trading so that users can trade directly from their existing bank accounts. Additionally, the N2 Platform allows traders to trade from their bank account by converting their fiat into equal N2C. 

Cross-border Payments

The N2 Platform allows users to make cross-border transactions with lower exchange fees when compared to traditional models. It also allows users to make peer-to-peer transactions by eliminating intermediaries. 


N2 provides real-time securities through the application of blockchain. It lowers asset exchange costs and reduces the vulnerability of traditional market securities.

What are the profitable solutions gained by banks via the N2 Platform? 

Blockchain solutions: 

The nature of blockchain technology is to record all the transactions and store them in an immutable ledger. The data once recorded in the blockchain cannot be altered. Thus, it improves data integrity and trustworthiness. 

By adopting the N2 Platform, banks can store all the transaction details which are untampered by any third party. 

Low transaction cost: 

As blockchain eradicates intermediaries and multiple gateways involved in cross-border transactions, it allows users to make direct payments, eventually cutting down transaction fees. 

So apparently, if a cross-border payment is processed through the N2 Platform, it charges a minimum transaction fee when compared to other payment processors. 

Enhanced security: 

Needless to say, the main agenda of using blockchain is to allow people to share sensitive information in a tamper-proof manner. This can be achieved by blockchain as it uses cryptography and other innovative software protocols, which are difficult for hackers to manipulate. 

The N2 Platform, which is underpinned by blockchain technology, provides high security for both banks and their users, such as distributed data and enhanced digital identity protection. 

Faster transaction: 

With the help of smart contracts, blockchain technology excludes intermediates and completes the transactions instantaneously. The smart contracts are automated and predefined codes that run on the blockchain. 

In the N2 Platform, the transaction process is automated, and is completed in a matter of minutes. So, the users can experience faster transactions since there is no involvement of any external parties. 

N2 COIN details: 

Ticker symbol = N2C 

Price 1 N2C = 1.5 USD

Total Coin availability = 10 Billion

Soft Cap = 500,000,000

Hard Cap = 1,000,000,000

Accepted currencies = ETH, USDT, BTC

Invest in N2C and join the future of the financial sector: 

With all these spectacular features mentioned above, N2 is ready to revolutionize the global financial market. The N2 blockchain banking platform aims to offer more sophisticated ways for banks to boost their business models and match with the forthcoming digital transformation.

If you believe crypto is a long-term investment, then you can invest in N2C and gain all the benefits that it could offer. Start investing now.

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