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N2 ICO Sale

As we expected, our ICO was successful, with interested investors from all over the world. A big thanks to the N2C community and, of course, our futuristic idea of introducing blockchain into the banking world.

As we promised, we are listing N2C on a top crypto exchange by the end of this week. We will list N2 Coin in other leading exchanges in the coming days. Besides, we are all set to launch the N2 platform through which banks could easily adopt blockchain technology.

About N2 Platform & N2 Coin

The N2 platform is a hybrid platform developed using blockchain technology. It helps banks & financial institutions to explore and adopt the use cases of blockchain and provide better services to their users. The platform’s ultimate goal is to make the banking processes more reliable without disturbing the existing processes.

The N2 platform is fueled by N2 Coin (N2C), a multi-purpose coin that can perform various activities on the N2 platform. N2C has a wide range of use cases, including staking, trading, cross-border transactions, loans, and trade finance.

Smart Trading

Smart Crypto trading is a simple yet effective process for users who have signed up on the N2 platform. With more than 600+ cryptos available to choose from, users can trade with the cryptos of their choice. The platform provides a chart view with customizable price data and various technical analysis tools to use.

The most significant benefit is that the traders who stake N2C will pay extremely low transaction charges for the trade orders.

Futures (FX) Trading

Experience next-level trading with Cryptocurrency Futures Trading on the N2 platform. Crypto traders on the platform can use Futures Trading to hedge crypto funds or lock in their profits. The platform allows users to use leverage and Hedge mode.

To boost the use of futures, the N2 platform offers up to 125 X leverage.

Master Wallet

N2C users will receive a virtual multi-currency master wallet capable of storing N2C and other popular cryptocurrencies. The wallet is being improvised to support 600+ cryptos. Besides, to provide a seamless experience, the wallet is secured by multi-factor authentication.

Using this master wallet, N2C users can transfer funds internationally at meager transaction fees and also perform various activities.

N2 Ecosystem: A Futuristic Approach

With the N2 ecosystem, banks and financial organizations will be able to offer more payment opportunities to their users, along with lowered processing fees, quick settlements, and enhanced security.

There will be no requirement for employing a third-party organization to process and store data. This will further reduce huge management costs. The credit bureau can automatically evaluate the credit report of all users with the application of smart contracts. This helps banks to provide loans quickly to eligible users with less documentation.

Managing securities, assets, and bonds is no more a hassle. Financial institutions can utilize the platform to eliminate the current inefficiencies and save additional costs spent on global trade processing. Furthermore, banks can save millions of dollars spent yearly on managing & auditing accounts.

Crypto Staking With N2C

With the crypto market being highly volatile, it is better to stake cryptos and get benefits than risk money in trading. N2 is one of the best crypto staking platforms with 4 standard staking plans.

Here’s the representation of the standard plans:


In recognition of the successful completion of the N2 Coin ICO, we would like to thank each and every early investor for being a superb participant. So we are offering exclusive plans with the best crypto staking rewards for users who sign up before Sunday (10/10/2021).

Here’s the representation of the exclusive plans:

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