N2 Coin Roadmap Updation

Roadmap Update | N2 Coin

Dear community members,

We have come a long way now and are ready to move forward. We are striving hard for an ambitious mission to transform financial services worldwide.

The team has been working day and night to honor our part of the promise to develop an all-in-one financial system. A single platform where both banking and crypto services can be carried out efficiently.

In the N2 platform, money moves freely, your assets are always safe, and anyone across the world can access all the financial services in just a few taps. 

The team has made an update in the roadmap for a smooth release of our project, and the following factors are: 

  • Multi-currency wallet.
  • N2 ecosystem planning & development.
  • Business community outreach.

Multi-currency wallet: 

Enterprises and individuals are opting for a smart wallet and robust contracts, using cold and hot-storage techniques. Each technique has its own merits, while many crypto service providers fall short in providing it. 

But we at N2 have put forward the security measures in the first place. Security features are what make the N2 master wallet to be unique. 

So N2 strives hard to offer the best wallet features that make them stand out among the competitors. 

Our wallet will be embedded with multi-layer security features that securely store all your assets. 

Some of the security measures are: 

  • Automatic KYC 
  • Device authorization 
  • Device log 
  • 2FA
  • Anti-phishing
  • Double Confirmation 
  • Auto-Time out session

In addition to these security measures, we have added the best and unique security protocols that provide even more protection & privacy for transactions.

N2 ecosystem planning & development:

Every project has to find its own place in this world. No project is a complete package at its initial stage because a single solution can rarely solve users’ problems. 

So our research and development team is working full-fledged to find out the user’s problem in every scenario. Also, they are planning to develop an N2 ecosystem where users can use all other products of N2. 

So this eventually becomes a one-stop solution for all your financial services, crypto trading, and a lot more. 

Business community outreach:

We are not one of those companies who view their customers as just numbers.  

We owe you big time! 

The N2 community has grown bigger and reached almost 10000 subscribers. If you are interested in joining in, you can reach out to us through our social media community management channels. 

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Transform the existing financial system with N2 Coin. 

Take banking into the next level of innovation.

Be a part of the journey of revolutionizing the forthcoming financial services.

Spread the love and help us to reach more