N2 Coin: Third-Quarter Edition

N2 Coin Q3 Update

What’s new?

We are a little closer to 2022, 

Crazy, right? 

Well, if that doesn’t amaze you, hopefully, our incredible N2 Coin update will. 

So for others, it might be a time to say goodbye as the leaves fall down from the tree, but it was a “Spectacular September” for us. 

We have completed almost all the third quarter checklists, have had an incredible ICO sales success story, actively participated in the screening interview with multiple exchanges, so it was a beautiful autumn colors for all of us. 

And as a whole, we have freshly-baked N2 Coin updates for you to discover. So grab a coffee, settle in and explore what we have got for you in the third quarter. 

Listing N2 coin In An Exchange:

We are delighted to announce to our community that N2 Coin will be listed in a prime exchange next week, allowing our members to trade N2C. 

As per our community request, this is our debut on listing in an exchange. Now investors can buy and sell N2 Coin seamlessly.

Launching N2 Platform On Monday:

You asked for it, and we did it. 

We have been working in overdrive to launch the N2 platform. We’re very excited as the product is almost ready for a Beta launch with exclusive features only accessible for our prime community members. 

We aim to develop an all-in-one platform that supports both banking and crypto services embedded with multipurpose features and an easy-to-use platform.

Screening interview with multiple exchanges:

You know, we always wanted to provide the best of financial services. 

So We are also planning to list in multiple top exchanges before the end of the fourth quarter. 

Last but not certainly least, 

N2 Coin ICO Sale Ends In Success:

Thanks to our investors, advisory boards, partners, developers, designers, marketers, and especially to our community members, the interest you have shown were very overwhelming & much appreciated than we had ever anticipated. 

That’s all for this month, folks, but we’ll be back with plenty of updates for the next quarter. 

So stay tuned. 

Onwards & Upwards, 

Team N2. 

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