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New-age financial services by N2 coin

People around the world are using banking services on a day-to-day basis. So the dependency on banks is exceptionally high in a community where deposits, withdrawal, loans, fund transfers, cross-border transaction, fixed deposit, credit and debit card. 

However, blockchain technology has developed as a new disruption that may revolutionize the way we use banking and financial services. 

Many banks have started to implement Blockchain technology for a more secure processing system. Now with the inception of Blockchain, the banking industry is no longer inactive as innovation grows exponentially.  

Why choose blockchain technology? 

The banking sector is one of the prime sectors that involve many third-party or intermediaries to complete a transaction. 

This ends up in charging hefty fees by the financial institutions from the customers for every transaction. But since the Blockchain facilitates actual ownership of one’s funds the transaction fee is minimized. 

Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries, which saves time and money for the customers. It provides a peer-to-peer network that enables users to send and receive money in everyday businesses. 

In recent research, technologists found that Blockchain is poised to improve customer experience, streamline product features and reshape the market trends throughout the global economy.

Ultimately, Blockchain will create a more trustworthy exchange of data, and disrupt financial things like payments, fundraising, settlement systems, securities management, loans, trade finance and credits. 

Major Benefits Of Blockchain In Banking Sectors. 

There are many advantages of Blockchain that help financial institutions to attain more secure transactions and reduce manipulations. 

Reduce Cost: 

One of the major benefits of Blockchain in banking is that it reduces the cost. This is mainly because of smart contracts. Implementing smart contracts within the network will eliminate intermediaries and reduce the risk of counterfeit. They also lower the cost of executing transactions because the pre-defined protocol will automatically execute the conditions. Additionally, banks can reduce the cost of transactions between banks. 

Faster Transactions: 

Transaction through Blockchain is faster than the conventional method. The transaction process across the globe is done in a matter of minutes. Banks can avoid gateways and intermediaries, which will eventually allow their customers to make transactions faster. 

Improved Security: 

Ledger technology aids banks in conducting secure transactions. They initially complete the transaction quickly in order to eliminate the risk of someone capturing the transaction data. In Blockchain, two key security systems are available in every transaction. The public key is available for every user, whereas the private key is shared only between the parties. Also, once the transaction data is stored, it cannot be altered or changed. 

Digital Currencies: 

With the integration of Blockchain, banks can now also offer crypto services to their customers. Banks can now quickly settle financial trades faster with digital currencies. Maybe in the near future, banks can create their own digital currency as a standard currency. 

Reduce manipulations and reconciliation: 

Blockchain helps banks to trace errors or faults more quickly before a transaction is completed. So, as a result of this, banks can easily find out the flaws and fix them before that could cause a problem for institutions or their customers. 

Transform the existing financial system with N2 Coin. 

If you want to provide both blockchain and crypto services to your customers, then partner with N2 Coin. The N2 Coin is a versatile coin that fuels the N2 platform. With this platform, you can allow your customer to avail of both banking and crypto services in a single place. 

The adoption of the N2 platform can streamline processes and take banking into the next level of innovation. 

Invest in N2 Coin and join the bandwagon of revolutionizing the existing financial system.

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