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Global Payment with N2Coin

They say “money makes the world go round,” but we think it wouldn’t go round at all if it were not for transfers and payments. 

From paying your friends for restaurant bills to sending money overseas, transfers are the driving force of global finance.

Initially, when we started, we didn’t fully understand payments. But we knew they could be a lot better. 

Many unsolvable questions like why should one have to pay hefty fees to send funds overseas? And why does one need to share multiple information to make a bank transfer, and why on earth does it take a week for the funds to arrive?

The global financial system relies on a network of different payments systems, some of which are old-fashioned, and it definitely does not fit the purpose of today’s global economy. Banks rely on these traditional systems to track who owes what and to whom.

So essentially, they will need to spend a lot of time and workforce transferring payments around. 

We believe that we can do better, but also we think the world needs us to do better.

How are we going to transform global payments? 

We learned about the global financial system from scratch and understood all the features that it could offer to the users. And we decided to provide the ability for every user to transfer money anywhere in the world regardless of the location, instantly and with minimum charges. 

Imagine if you have a single platform that allows you to perform all fiat and crypto transactions.

It would be awesome, right? 

We at N2 captured this concept and decided to launch a platform. So we have initiated an ICO to develop the N2 ecosystem. N2 Coin (N2C) is the cryptocurrency associated with the hybrid platform named N2.

There are various services within the platform that users can avail of by spending N2 Coins. This cryptocurrency is the critical element that fills the gap between the crypto realm and the banking sector.

Since people have started embracing cryptocurrencies, banks have no other option rather than implementing them. So now, this would be the perfect time for financial institutions to collaborate with us to optimize their existing infrastructure, enhance global payments, and lower-cost solutions.

Onward and Upward, 

Team N2 Coin 

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