Why is KYC Remediation Imperative?

N2coin KYC

If you are well-known about the financial sector, you are likely familiar with the term “know your customer,” which is often related to “KYC.” 

If you have read about our ICO, or it just came upon your news feed, or even one of your folks would have sent you an invite to sign up, whatever way it may be, and if we were to calculate, you are pretty keen to join the bandwagon of revolutionizing the future of finance.

But before that, you must register to sign up. Basically, we would like to trust you as much as you trust us. And this is where something called ‘Know Your Customer’ comes into action.

In a nutshell, KYC is a process of verifying the identity of the customer. That might seem outrageous. 

Perhaps! After all, you are not an offender, but at the same time, not everyone is such an honest citizen.

So what do you think KYC is?

As stated earlier, KYC is a process of checking or validating the original identity of the customer. From the financial perspective, the main objective of the KYC guidelines is to help banks to prevent the criminal element for money laundering activities. 

KYC definition for Clients:

As we come under financial systems, we will verify that you are who you say! 

This means, our team will check and authenticate your legal licenses provided by your respective government authorities. 

KYC definition for individuals:

From your point of view, KYC is simplified. 

Are you wondering how and what we ask? 

A photocopy of your passport, or other valid government-issued ID, along with a selfie, free from glare or blur.

But in reality, other than this there are a lot more that goes in the background. Involving things like AML process, Client Due Diligence ( CDD ), Anti-fraud rules, and a lot more. 

Are my KYC documents safe with N2 COIN? 

We take security extremely seriously. Our policies and methods are created to protect your information’s confidentiality and security, including your private information.

We can assure you that the information will be held safe whilst under our supervision. 

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