WOW! We Hit 10000 Users in N2

10000 Users in N2 Community

Thanks a ton for helping us to achieve this milestone! 

We are not one of those companies who take their customers for granted and think of them as just a number count.

We owe you, big time!

From helping to develop our services to marketing across the world, you have stood shoulder to shoulder supporting us to get the N2 Coin project into the hands of thousands of people.

Over the last eight months, we’ve got immense support from all our investors, and that has pushed our team to hustle harder even in times of uncertainty. 

Many investors are showing their investment in our ICO, and now we have reached our first milestone. Yes! N2 Community is bigger with 10,000 subscribers. 

We will take a step further and introduce even more ways to help our clients and build a better financial system.

Share with us what products you want

We are always a customer-centric solution provider, and we firmly believe it is the only thing that succeeds. 

So, we will allow our followers to suggest new features which they want to add to our platform by allowing other members to vote on these suggestions. Naturally, the highly suggested feature will be considered.

Take part in our online Q & A Session: 

Once the ICO sale is made, we would like to communicate with you at every possible opportunity, so we’ll be launching an online Q&A session with key members of the N2 Group to answer all of your questions and keep it open & as engaging as possible.

There are many more initiatives we have lined up for our users, but if you have any other opinions on how we could enhance our community engagement, feel free to share them with us. We’ll be delighted to listen. 


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